Change of seasons = change in beverages

Here in the Northeast, we’ve already had several inches of snow on top of our mountains and snow flurries down in the valleys. Until the time changes this coming weekend, it’s not light until after 7am, and dark enough to need a headlamp to run after 5:30pm.

Along with the darker days and colder temperatures, I’m finding myself looking for a change in beverages. This summer I loved brewing sun tea, switching up flavors from green tea to traditional black tea to even trying out some fruity teas. Tea is a great source of antioxidants to help us stay healthy and feel great, and I like that the sun brews my tea. All I add is ice!

Now I’m switching to hot, brewed tea. It’s fun to choose between several different tea varieties and flavors, and all types of tea have some health benefits. I recently found this interesting online quiz all about tea:  check it out!

Let me know how well you did on the quiz, and tell me about your favorite brewed tea.